About Doewap

Doewap is an online platform for singing in primary schools in Europe. Doewap presents all kinds of good practice examples of singing with children from all over Europe, in a lively and practical way. Doewap also gathers national and international news about singing with children. Finally, one can find songs and instructional tips to the international songbook 'Do you like music?', published by Koor&Stem as part of the European cooperation project VOICE.


I like to eat! Articulation exercise from England

Find din stemme (DK)

The right pitch (DE)

Singing bakers from Norway

Make your own song! (UK)

Looking to write a song? It's easier than you think, just follow these tips...

Twinkle, twinkle, little star (SE)

A well-known song with many possibilities! Save time because you know the song already, and discover what else you can do with the song. If you work with young children, use the lyrics in your own language.


European Perspectives on Music Education, volume 4

22 July 2015

The fourth Volume of the EAS book series European Perspectives on Music Education will be published in Winter 2015. The book addresses democracy and inclusion in music education.

Sing along at school

04 June 2015

Sally Merson, Music Coordinator from Platinum Award School Wheatfields Primary, shares her top tips for weaving singing into the fabric of the school day. 'I’ve heard some teachers say that they haven’t got time to sing. That’s why we’ve tried to develop lots of ways of using singing to save time and help the day run smoothly. Here are a few of my favourites.'