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Doewap is a new online platform for singing in primary schools in Europe. Doewap presents good practice examples of singing with children from all over Europe, in a lively and practical way. Doewap also gathers international news about singing with children. Finally, one can find songs and instructional tips to the songbook 'Do you like music?', published by Koor&Stem as part of the European cooperation project VOICE. Doewap is an initiative of Koor&Stem.


Koor&Stem is the Flemish amateur arts organisation for vocal music. We support everyone who sings, bring singing people together, promote choral life and we do this based on a broad social view. Our activities - trainings for choral directors, singing weekends, repertoire workshops, our library, advice and coaching - help choirs and singers to sing better and experience the joy of singing.

Children, youngsters and their teachers receive our special attention. We think that it is very important that teachers, instructors and conductors of children's choirs find inspiration for singing with children in a fun, creative and meaningful way. Therefore, we organize  workshops and training courses for teachers and children's choir conductors with material from our songbooks Attakatamoeva, Pluis het uit, Do you like music? and Doewap.

We also organise singing projects in schools, during which vocal teachers from Koor&Stem teach music and singing to schoolteachers and their pupils. These projects are usually organised in collaboration with schools and local authorities.

VOICE - Vision on Innovation for Choral Music in Europe

Doewap is part of the Europan cooperation project “VOICE - Vision On Innovation for Choral music in Europe”, a project coordinated by European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (Germany) in cooperation with Chorverband Österreich (Austria), Expertisecentrum Stem (Belgium), Koor&Stem (Belgium), Epilogi (Cyprus), UCPS (Czech Republic), A Coeur Joie (France), Polyfollia (France), Moviment Coral Català and Mediterranean Office for Choral Singing (Spain), KÓTA and Central-Eastern European Centre (Hungary), Zsolnay Heritage Management Nonprofit Ltd – ZSÖK (Hungary), FENIARCO (Italy), IFAC (France), Länsmusiken with the Swedish International Choral Centre Örebro (Sweden, 2012 to 2013) and the University of York (UK), as well as many other associate partners. VOICE has been funded with support from the European Commission under the European Union programme “Culture.

See also www.thevoiceproject.eu

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