European Perspectives on Music Education, volume 4

22 July 2015

The fourth Volume of the EAS book series European Perspectives on Music Education will be published in Winter 2015. The book addresses democracy and inclusion in music education.

Sing along at school

04 June 2015

Sally Merson, Music Coordinator from Platinum Award School Wheatfields Primary, shares her top tips for weaving singing into the fabric of the school day. 'I’ve heard some teachers say that they haven’t got time to sing. That’s why we’ve tried to develop lots of ways of using singing to save time and help the day run smoothly. Here are a few of my favourites.'

Singing belongs to everyone

02 June 2015

Singing belongs to everyone is the title of a new international inspirational guide of Koor&Stem, aimed at all choirs, choristers and choral conductors, who want to share their passion for singing with children and youngsters and in this way, change the future of vocal culture in Europe.

Can't sing? Do it more often!

08 April 2015

If you've ever been told that you're 'tone deaf' or 'can't carry a tune,' don't give up. New research suggests that singing accurately is not so much a talent as a learned skill that can decline over time if not used.

4 Ways Technology Can Make Your Music Lessons Sing

08 April 2015

New tech tools that give students control over their music also inspire them to create and innovate.

New website Doewap

30 March 2015

Doewap is a new online platform for primary school teachers with inspiration from all over Europe.