Singing belongs to everyone

02 June 2015

Fantastic potential

There is a fantastic potential in the European choir community: all in all, there are 1 million choirs and 37 million singers all over Europe. One effort of a choir may just be that decisive nudge that will start the ball rolling. Some of the most groundbreaking projects started in the hearth of a small choir with a great idea. The new inspirational guide therefore gathers insight from experts in ‘singing with children’ and choirs from all over Europe. It describes small and large-scale initiatives from choirs, schools, municipalities and cultural organisations designed to get children singing.

The environment of children is crucial

The starting point of the guide is that the environment in which children are brought up plays a crucial role in the choice of their artistic hobbies. In other words: if a child sings or dances, it is because they have learned it somewhere. At home, at school, in a choir... However, fewer and fewer children get the opportunity to sing within the family circle, in primary or high school or in other organisations. The singing culture is likely to dwindle.

Fortunately, at international level, there is increasing interest for accessible, high-quality and inclusive arts education. Singing is a part of it, because singing is a very natural step in children’s musical development. The choir community is well placed to realise how important this step is and this saddles them with a great responsibility. Choirs will have to take the helm and convince their local communities of the importance of singing for children and must take the lead in persuading children to learn how to sing.

Download the brochure

The brochure wants to inspire choirs to guide more children towards singing. It has been published in English, Dutch, French and German and can be downloaded freely on (English version) (French version)ür-alle (German version) (Dutch version)

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