Idewalle willewalle

Lode Dieltiens wrote a lot of tasteful, lyric songs for children. This nonsense song with choreographic possibilities is a favourite among  young and old. 

This lesson is based on a lesson written by Dorte Bille (DK) from Denmark. Dorte is a music teacher, writer and lecturer and leads the MidtVest Juniorkor and the MidtVest Pigekor. She is in charge of the project Find din stemme of Den Jyske Sangskole, which helps boost singing in the classroom.



  • The children are able to clapp with the right rythm.
  • The children are able to sing a song with expression and the right articulation.
  • The children are acquainted with elementary aspects of a score: stave, notes, key …
  • The children can transform a song into movement.


Find din stemme (DK)

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