Do you like music

Of course we like music, even in four languages! This song is in a 7/8 beat, a challenging rhythm. It is a happy song that everybody will like.

This lesson is based on ideas of Leentje Eyckerman (BE). Leentje is a music pedagogue and a lecturer of Music education for preschool and primary classes at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp.



  • The children can pronounce a text with expression.
  • The children are open to foreign languages.
  • The children listen to the lyrics of a song with focus.
  • The children can transform a rythm into a movement.
  • The children feel the rythm of 7/8.
  • The children experiment with music making.
  • The children are not afraid of expressing themselves in a rythmical exercise.
  • The children listen to each other.
  • The children know their role while making music together.


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