Şen gemiceleriz

This song refers to the work of sailors when they heave the sails. The beat of the song makes it easy fot them to work together. The Turkish text is easy to pronounce and the Turkish instruments give the song a colourful character. 

This lesson is based on the ideas of the Scottish singer and teacher Christine Kydd (GB). With her organisation Ceilidhmakers, she developed several projects in schools in the field of traditional Scottish songs and culture. Together with Ewan McVicar, she visits schools and makes children acquainted with the traditional repertoire. But she isn't afraid of Turkish traditional songs either.



  • The children explore the range of their voice.
  • The children are open to music from other cultures.
  • The children know how a song is used at work.
  • The children are able to sing the song and right melody and intervals.
  • The children know the difference between an open and closed ending of a melody.


The Great Scots Songs Treasure Hunt (UK)

The Great Scots Song Treasure Hunt is an innovative method for songwriting and learning folksongs and traditional songs. Children transform traditional tunes into new songs about their own community's history and topics they are studying.

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