It is often difficult to introduce two-part singing in primary schools. You can nevertheless add a rhythmic second voice. It immediately gives the children more pleasure, sometimes also laughter, and delivers good results. The song Attakatamoeva is certainly suitable for this.

The didactic tips of this song are based on a lesson prepared by Petter Ekberg (SE). Petter Ekberg conducts the Göteborgs Domkyrkas Goss- och Flickkörer and the Gustavi Ungdomskör. Previously, he was spokesman for UNGiKÖR, the Swedish children's- and youth choir organisation and for Körsam, the Swedish choir federation. He is regularly invited to give lectures on how to teach young singers and to share his expertise in the field.



  • The children are able to perform a simple ritmic structure with their body.
  • The children explore the joy and possibilities of using their body in order to make music.
  • The children listen to eachother while they are making music together as a group.
  • The children have an attitude that is aimed at examining and investigating their surrounding.


Barn och Sång - Child and song (SE)

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