Zondag, maandag - Sunday, Monday

This song is a typical school song that can often be found in educational journals. The focus is on the text content: you can make good use of the song to practice the order of the days with children. Thanks to melody and rhythm, singing is very helpful to teach pupils (difficult) material. Thus, the children can immediately sing it in a fast tempo and it will have a greater musical appeal.

This lesson is based on the ideas of Petter Ekberg (SE), children's and youth choir conductor, and Inga Mareile Reuther (DE). She is the concept developer of JeKISS - Jedem Kind seine Stimme (Each child its voice) from Münster.



  • The children experience pitch with their bodies.
  • The children understand the melody of the refrain.
  • The children listen to each other.
  • The children show consideration to each other while they are making music together.
  • The children listen carefully to the text and are able to translate it to another art form.
  • The children are able to sing the song beautifully and with expression.


The right pitch (DE)

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