En de krokodil - And the crocodile

A great song which makes children move a lot. A good warm-up is therefore very important. Guaranteed that the children leave the classroom while singing!

This lesson is based on a lesson that was developed by Helen Giblin (FR). Helen has been a choir conductor and a teacher of harmony, counterpoint and solfège at the Conservatoire municipal agrée de musique et de danse in Saintes, France. She is the educational director of the project Chant’école which brings the conservatoire system into mainstream public schools.



  • The children learn to adapt their movements to the rythm of a song (stepping, ticking, etc.).
  • The children can clap a short rythm correctly.
  • The children can sing the song correctly, with the right rythm.
  • The children can imagine the song internally.


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