Twinkle, twinkle, little star (SE)

A well-known song with many possibilities! Save time because you know the song already, and discover what else you can do with the song. If you work with young children, use the lyrics in your own language.

I like to eat! Articulation exercise from England

Barn och Sång - Child and song (SE)

Find din stemme (DK)

The right pitch (DE)

The Great Scots Songs Treasure Hunt (UK)

The Great Scots Song Treasure Hunt is an innovative method for songwriting and learning folksongs and traditional songs. Children transform traditional tunes into new songs about their own community's history and topics they are studying.

Singing bakers from Norway

Make your own song! (UK)

Looking to write a song? It's easier than you think, just follow these tips...

Pan-European research shows the true value of singing in primary schools

Koor&Stem has gathered over 100 inspiring examples of singing at primary schools and teacher training colleges from all over Europe. These good practice examples demonstrate the many ways in which singing can be effectively rolled into the school day.