Barn och Sång - Child and song (SE)

Barn och sång’ (“child and song”) started as a collaboration project between music pedagogues and voice specialists – medical and acoustic specialists from Uppsala University Choral Centre, UNGiKÖR, The Swedish Children and Youth Choir organisation and Swedish concerts 2002-2010. Its goal was to gain knowledge about the prerequisites for children to sing and how to make practical use of this knowledge. The national conferences and courses that were organised (in 2003, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2011-12 – ‘Barn vill sjunga’ (Children want to sing) has resulted in a significant increase of interest in singing with children and of the level of knowledge of this topic.

Child and song

In 2007, a book was published called ‘Barn och sång. Om rösten, sångerna och vägen dit’ (Gunnel Fagius, red) (Child and song. About the voice, the songs and the way to get there). The book combines a deep knowledge of the anatomy of the young voice, of musical and singing development and historical, linguistic and neurological research on children’s voices and singing requirements. It is also a book on methods of singing with young children that became the basis for a campaign on how to sing with children, with particular attention to the singing range of children. The knowledge gained from voice research and pedagogical experience have been combined and displayed. The book has become an important tool at teacher colleges, for practising teachers and the general public. Courses for teachers and choral conductors.

Since 2011, ‘Barn och sång’ arranges courses for further education, organised by the choir organisation UNGiKÖR and the Choral centre of Uppsala University. These courses aim at inspiring people who want to sing with children developing children’s singing capacities increasing the knowledge about children’s voices organising meetings on the subject of children’s voices and singing with children.

A new singing project: Rösträtt

‘Barn och sång’ has also marked the start of the Rösträtt-project, which focuses on the musical experiences of young children. In Rösträtt, children and educators create music together with composers, eurhythmics teachers, choir conductors and researchers. The goal is to create a model for musical participation, which could serve as an example to the rest of the country. Another goal is to share insights on the development of the child’s voice. The project also wants to disseminate ideas on the collective song community spirit and on how to make proper use of the child's cultural background and vocal / musical heritage and how to develop it. The project is now being launched nationwide in Sweden and is funded by The Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission (Allmänna Arvsfonden).

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