Find din stemme (DK)

‘Find din stemme’ (Find your voice) is a project of Den Jyske Sangskole from Herning (DK). It is a programme for (music) teachers at primary schools in the region of central and west-Jutland, which aims to improve the quality of singing and singing education at primary schools. It wants to stimulate a singing culture in schools and give a boost to singing in the classroom, in the school choir and during common school activities. It also sets out to stimulate singing by individual pupils and their teachers.

‘Find din stemme’ consists of courses, singing lessons and personal coaching by a singing pedagogue, who visits the teachers and attends their classes. In this respect, the project creates a synergy between singing teachers and primary school (music) teachers, and results in an exchange of information on singing techniques and class management.

The lessons include topics such as: which repertoire is interesting; how to sing creatively in the classroom and make singing fun; how to teach repertoire to children of different ages; how does the singing voice of children work; singing techniques and warming-up techniques and how to introduce them to children and colleagues.

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