The Great Scots Songs Treasure Hunt (UK)

The Great Scots Song Treasure Hunt is a Gallus Productions project delivered by Gallus (Ewan McVicar) and Ceilidhmakers (Christine Kydd). Both work separately and together. Ewan is an authority on children's songs and both he and Christine work with children to make new songs in the Scottish tradition.

Ewan McVicar is developing and testing an innovative approach to help pupils to engage with the Learning & Teaching Scotland site Scotland’s Songs. The site’s emphasis on Scots culture, identity, language and history foreshadows the very recent Government announcement about a new Scottish Studies topic.

The Scotland’s Songs site has been designed for direct use by pupils. To support this, Ewan has devised a one-hour workshop, suitable for primary school classes (children age 6-12), to be delivered as appropriate through a combination of:

  • electronic elements
  • use of Smartboard and/or set of school’s laptops;
  • pen and paper ‘Treasure hunt’
  • finding and writing down information about songs, performers, instruments etc., with ‘treasure’ prizes for pupils (old copper coins covered in ‘gold’ or ‘silver’ paint);
  • teaching and singing of a few songs from the website.

The website has been developed to assist Scottish teachers and pupils find the Scots songs they need for project and thematic work. There are Scots songs for Early Years, thematic songs and collections of regional songs.

Ceilidhmakers / Kist o Sangs

Songmaking in Schools involves pupils participating together to create, develop and perform songs on any topic, exploring language in English and Scots. After the prepatory work on songwriting, the children learn folksongs and traditional songs, including songs from World Music and Celtic genres. By Christine Kydd. See

Stoney sangs

School project at several schools in the town of Stonehaven. The project starts in each school with a Treasure Hunt day, where the children learn some old Scottish songs. After that, the old tunes are used to make up new songs with the pupils about their own community's history, and topics they are studying. By Christine Kydd and Ewan McVicar. See

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